Don’t make extra work for yourself.

We can take care of all your general Garden Maintenance tasks. Depending on the season and the calendar month we will adjust the tasks needed in your garden to manage and maintain the visual aspect and health of your garden and the plants within it.

Some of the tasks we can cover are:

  • Digging and tidying the borders. We will go through your beds and borders, forking out weeds and cutting down any dead stems to reduce disease. We can dig up and divide perennial plantsthat may have spread too far or died out in the centre.
  • Mulch the Soil. Whilst forking over the beds and borders we can provide a mulch to prevent annual weeds developing, reduce evaporation so you save on watering. We can provide either garden compost, manure, or bark chippings.
  • Remove Weeds and Moss on Paths and Driveways. Moss build up can cause your paths, driveway or patio are to become slippery and unsightly. We offer a Jetwash service to bring your paved area’s back to their original state and visual aspect. If you have blocked pavers then we can re-sand the area. We provide a sealing service for your paved, path and patio area’s which prevents water sitting and laying on the service of the stones.

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